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Testing Gramps

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== Unit testing ==
=== test/ ===
'''[ test/]''' - Testing framework for performing a variety of unttests for GRAMPS. Runs out-of-tree (not in gramps/) testing code, by looking for any test/* files and executing the test suites therein. See the current code in test/* for example and python standard unittest docs.
Starting with gramps40 branch, these tests include non-automated unit tests only. The automated unit tests are all under gramps/.
Bugs tagged as []
GtkHandler testing code pops up the GRAMPS Gramps error dialog, but this is actually for testing the error reporting itself. Don't be scared by the dialog, it's expected. Your manual work is required to close the dialogs with the "Cancel" button. The relevant tests still pass (unless there's another bug there)...
=== unit tests in the main tree ===

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