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Mailing lists: Nabble is going away read subscribers notified directly via email to join official mailing list or fourms.
==Reporting bugs==
The recomended recommended way to report a bug is to use the [http /bugs/ Gramps Bug Tracker], see [[Using the bug tracker|How to report bugs]]. This allows the Gramps Developers to follow a formal method of tracking and resolving your report. Due to the high volume of email that the primary developers receive, there is always a chance that an email may slip through the cracks. Using the bug tracker will make sure that your issue will be handled.
Submitting a Bug reports submitted, Report directly to the [http Gramps Bugs mailing list] are is not recommended. However, if you are having problems isolating a bug or suspect that your issue is a known bug, the mail-list is a forum that might help.
==Requesting enhancements==
Requesting an enhancement can be done either through the gramps-users or gramps-devel mailing lists, or by [ creating a feature item] on the bug tracker. We we would prefer that serious requests get submitted to the [[Using_the_bug_tracker|bug tracker]]. This allows us to formally track the request. You Create a feature request on the [ Gramps Bug Tracker], you switch to '''Project: Feature Requests''' on the top right head corner, and select '''Report Issue'''. Again Alternatively you can informally ask through the [ gramps-users] or [ gramps-devel] mailing lists, this allows us but as mentioned use the [[Using_the_bug_tracker|bug tracker]] to formally track the create a feature requestplease.
==Wiki, Website/Blog, Bug Tracker applications==
For problems relating to the Gramps site and the applications used to support Gramps, contact Nick Wallingford the [mailto:nickwebmaster@gramps-project.orgWebmaster] or raise the issue on the developer list described below.
==Mailing lists==
Mailing Lists, also known as MailLists, are (often uncensored & unmoderated) systems of exchanging mass Email messages. The messages from validated subscribers are also archived and made available for searching.
**The following part is 'too much introductory detail' for this overview level "Contact" page. Storing as a comment as fodder for a future "What is a MailList and how do I use it" page. **
eMail messages are addressed to the MailList and then (if from a valid subscriber) mass-forwarded to a constantly changing list of subscribers. Subscribers can opt to have individual messages delivered immediately or collated into digests delivered periodically. The validated messages are also archived and made available for searching.
The typical method of joining a MailList is by 'opt-in' (manually subscribing) or 'opt-out' (being automatically added by a data-scraper). Gramp maillist are strictly 'opt-in'.
An eMail thread is a set of email messages that includes all the replies in direct response to a specific posted eMail message. Threads are historically reconstructed digests of the Reply sequence.
Searches of the archives may return Flat digests (all messages, sequenced be order posted), Threaded digests (all messages, sequenced a tree showing which message spawned each reply), or in snapshots (one message at a time).
There are several mailing lists on various topics related to Gramps:
*;gramps-announce ([http unsubscribe/subscribe], [http / archives]) : Announcements and general important news items. Very low traffic.
*;gramps-users ([http unsubscribe/subscribe], [http / archives]): Discussions on using Gramps. Medium traffic.
*;gramps-bugs ([http unsubscribe/subscribe], [http / archives]): Filing and tracking of bugs in the software. Low traffic
*;gramps-devel ([http unsubscribe/subscribe], [http / archives]): For issues relating to software development. Medium traffic.
If the Sourceforge site is too slow to your liking, use the copy of the mailing lists stored [ on].==Forum==
==IRC (Internet Relay Chat)=Official===Please feel free to drop by on channel '''* [irchttps://ircforum.freenodegramps-project.netorg/ Discourse forum for Gramps]: We created a new trial [https:/#gramps #/ Discourse forum for Gramps]''' over at '''ircthe end of 2019.freenodeThis is only a trial, but feel free to have a look or sign up for an''' serverYou can use the forum to ask questions and get help from the Gramps community as well as keeping up to date with the latest development plans. All users and developers are welcome!
You can ===Unofficial===There are also some independently operated groups:* On Facebook the [ I use GRAMPS] group was created by Dan Garnitz in 2009.* On Reddit [ The Gramps Project] was created by mvuijlst in 2012.* On Facebook the [ GRAMPS for Genealogists] group was created by Tom Shaw 2015.* On Google Groups [!forum/gramps-finland "Gramps Finland"] is for information exchange between Finnish users of Gramps.* On Facebook, the [ Dansk gramps brugergruppe] exist for ''Danish Gramps users.''* On the [http://webchatgenealogy.freenodestackexchange.netcom/questions/tagged/gramps Genealogy Stackexchange] questions marked '''[]''' can be asked.* On [ Geneanet] > Forum Home > French Forums > Genealogy discussions > Genealogy software > [ Gramps], the mutual support forum for ''French Gramps users.'' ==Chat Room==You have two options. ===d4 freenode IRC (Internet Relay Chat)===Please feel free to drop by on channel '''[irc:// #gramps]''' over at '''''' server. All users and developers are welcome! You can use the [ Libera Chat Web IRC] to connect if you do not have an [ IRC client].
Some IRC guides:
*[http Tutorial Tutorial Using the IRC Network] - freenode.netWikipedia*[http An IRC Tutorial] ===Matrix Chat room=== A trial Matrix chat room has been set up see:*[httphttps://wwwgramps.irchelpdiscourse.orggroup/t/irchelpnew-matrix-chat-room/ircprimer.html A Short IRC Primer]236
==Copyright infringements==
Please, mail the Developers mailing list ([http subscribe first]) with the wiki page containing the infringement, as well as the manner of infringement. ==See also==* [[Team]]

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