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De:Namen in Gramps

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A name is of a certain typeEin Name ist von einer bestimmten Art. Some types are predefinedEinige Arten sind vordefiniert:* Birth NameGeburtsname: Name given at birth to a childder dem Kind bei der Geburt gegeben wurde* Married Namenach Hochzeit: Name one adopts after marriageden jemand nach der Hochzeit angenommen hat. In many cultures it is the habit the officially used name of the wife changes to vielen Kulturen ist es üblich, dass der von der Frau offiziell verwendete Name zu (a variation ofeiner Variation) that of the husbanddem des Mannes wechselt.* AKAAuch bekannt als: Also known as: another name under which the person is knownein anderer Name unter dem die Person bekannt ist
One can add name types. Eg, for some cultures, a new name is adopted after (adult) baptizing. So one could just type in a new name type 'Baptized name', which from then onwards will be selectable in the name type for this family tree. Some people have a preference for 'Nick Name' nametype, instead of AKA.
The family name is the part of the name that remains the same from parent (father) to child.
In the person view, people are sorted based on this family nameder Personenansicht werden die Personen auf Basis dieses Familiennamen sortiert. In the case of cultures which do not use family names, one can use the grouping feature in the Name editor to design a name under which to group people from the same family (eg, the patronymic).

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