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== Geography Category Categoría Geografía ==
{{man tip|NoteNota|The Geography category is only present if La categoría Geografía sólo se muestra si el equipo tiene una instalación de OsmGpsMap is present that que Gramps can usepueda utilizar.}}
[[Image:GeoView-3.2.0GeoView_34_es.png|right|450px|thumb|Fig. 3.28 Geographic ViewVista de geografía de lugares]]
This category is for showing data on a mapEsta categoría muestra datos en un mapa. It contains the Geographic View, which allows you to see the people and their events placed on a map via an internet map provider Contiene cuatro vistas geográficas que le permiten ver las personas y sus eventos en un mapa con ayuda de un proveedor de mapas en Internet (p.ej. OpenStreetMap or o Google mapsMaps).
The Geographic View canEstas vistas pueden:* show all places in your family treemostrar todos los lugares de su árbol genealógico* show a filtered selection of placesmostrar una selección filtrada de lugares* show all places connected to the active personmostrar todos los lugares conectados a la persona activa* show all places connected to the active familymostrar todos los lugares conectados a la familia activa* show all places connected to all eventsmostrar los lugares conectados a todos los eventos* show all places connected to mostrar los lugares conectados a filtered selection of eventsuna selección filtrada de eventos
These options are accessible via the buttons on the toolbarLas vistas pueden seleccionarse mediante botones en la barra de herramientas. To filter on places or eventsPara filtrar lugares o eventos, activate the filter sidebar via the menu active la barra lateral mediante el menú {{man menu|View->Filter SidebarBarra lateral}}
Furthermore, the Geographic view can help you add new places to your family tree, or add latitude-longitude coordinates to existing placesAdemás las vistas de esta categoría le permiten agregar nuevos sitios a su árbol genealógico o agregar coordenadas de latitud y longitud a los lugares existentes. To activate this Para ello, use the utilice las entradas {{man buttonmenu|add locationAgregar lugar}} button, or the o {{man buttonmenu|link locationEnlazar lugar}} button in the toolbardel menú del botón derecho.
The top of the Geographic View shows two lines with information, allowing you to change the information shown. The second line always shows in bold what is shown on the map. The first line has:* {{man button|Place list}} button and selection field.: The button shows how many places are present in the map. The selection fields allows you to jump to one of these places. You can clear the selection field by clicking the places list button. * {{man button|Place page}} buttons: If there are many places, the map is no longer useful because too much information is shown. Therefore, the places will be divided in pages. You can navigate the pages and see the map change via the Place page buttons: {{man button|<<}} goes back a page, {{man button|>>}} goes forward a page, and the middle button shows how many pages there are and what is shown at the moment.* Places with no latitude-longitude:The Geographic View can only show places with a valid latitude-longitude. A list of all places that satisfy the selection, but cannot be put on the map, is available via the button with a number and the {{man button|?}} sign. You can add latitude-longitude to these places in one of the following ways::* Use the place link button on the Geographic View:* Go to the Place View, and use the {{man button|Go}} button to search the place and it's location:* Download the [[Place completion tool]] via the menu {{man menu|Help->Plugin Manager}}. If you download the data of your country, this tool can add latitude-longitude to all your places.*lock zoom level. :If you zoom the map to a resolution you want to keep, then you can press the lock zoom level button, and every time the Geographic View redraws the map, this zoomlevel will be used.*provider selection change:Gramps uses usa OpenStreetMap or o Google Maps to provide the map that is displayedpara que provean el mapa que se muestra. With this button you can quickly change from one to the other. The advantage of La ventaja de [ OpenStreetMap] is that it is a free projectes que es un proyecto libre, so you can update the maps yourself with missing information via their websiteasí que puede actualizar los mapas UdVia the toolbar {{man button|Configure View...}} button (or via the menu {{man menu|View}}, the following functionality is available: * Map options:* add crosshair in center of map, usefull to add or link places to the correct latitude-longitude coordinates:* show coordinates in the statusbar* Time period: this changes how the view divides events in groups* Network: This view needs an internet connection. If your connection drops away from time to time, or is not always on, you can set here to have the Geographic view retry the internet connection. Like this, the Geographic view will become active the moment your internet connection returns, without you needing to take manual actionmismo si falta información usando su página web.
== Media Category ==

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