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Merging people

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GRAMPS provides a combination of automated and manual selections when merging people. Once two people have been merged, the combined person replaces all instances of the previous two people in the database.
==Merge process==
During the merge process, two people are combined into a single person. It is necessary to select the "resultant person", or the person that remains after the merge is complete. This "resultant person" keeps
its primary data (such as name and GRAMPS ID).
;Spouses/Children:The user will be able to select the families in which the person should remain a parent. If the user chooses not to include the merged person in a family, the person will be removed from the family.
;GRAMPS ID:One and only one GRAMPS ID can be selected. The user will be given the option to store the unselected GRAMPS ID as a personal attribute ("Previous GRAMPS ID")
== Automatic merges==
Many items will be combined from the original two people into the merged person. The user will be able to alter the information later by editing the person. This information includes:
* Addresses
* Attributes
* Media Objects
* Notes will are to be combined into a single note, with the text separated by a blank line.
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