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Guiding Principles
* Citations help provide evidence of the conclusions (or 'facts') in your tree
* A citation should enable another researcher to easily identify the precise material you are referencing and how you came to some conclusion
* Citations should be as simple as possible to recordwhile still being precise. Don't waste time on extensive detail if you wont continue to be so thorough.
* Record a citation as soon as you can, before you forget or lose the details
* Adopt a good style early on to avoid rework later - you will probably never bother to fix hundreds of sloppy references
If you are just starting out with your family tree, then you will probably want to just get started recording people and events in you tree. After a while, start adding citations to your tree. Then before you have gone too far with recording citations, occasionally review your citation style and consider how it might be when your tree is much larger and used by someone else.
== Sources, Repositories and Citations ==

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