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|<!-- Platforma -->Windows
|<!-- Wydanie<br/>GRAMPS -->{{version_windowsOS}}<br>{{Needs backup}}
|<!-- Pobierz -->[{{version_windowsOS}} gramps-{{version_windowsOS}}-1.exe] (8.2 MB)
|<!-- Uwagi -->[[Windows_installer#Installation|Download and Install Windows Dependencies First]]
|<!-- Platform -->Windows
|<!-- GRAMPS<br>Release -->{{version_windows_portable}}<br>[[Gramps_3.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees#Backing_up_a_Family_Tree|{{Needs backup]]}}
|<!-- Download -->[ GrampsPortable_{{version_windows_portable}}.paf.exe]<br>(17.4 MB)
|<!-- Note -->[ Portable GRAMPS from] wszystko w jednym bez zależności.('''Final''' by Bart.S / '''Please report issues to the author.''') (2010-12-09) (Note:You can install it on C: then to run Gramps type C:\PortableApps\GrampsPortable\GrampsPortable.exe (Or the path you installed it to) or make a shortcut to that file on your desktop or start-menu.)
|<!-- Platform -->Windows
|<!-- GRAMPS<br>Release -->{{version_windows_AIO32}}<br>(All In One)<br>[[Gramps_3.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees#Backing_up_a_Family_Tree|{{Needs backup]]}}
|<!-- Download -->[ GrampsAIO-{{version_windows_AIO32}}-1.exe]
|<!-- Note -->[ All In One GRAMPS including the dependencies for Windows] ([]) ('''Under Development''' by Josip / '''Please test on Windows and report back to the author.''') (2011-10-02)

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