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|<!-- Platform -->Windows
|<!-- GRAMPS<br>Release -->{{version_windows_AIO32}}<br>(All In One)<br>[[Gramps_3.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees#Backing_up_a_Family_Tree|Needs backup]]
|<!-- Download -->[http://rapidsharesourceforge.comnet/usersprojects/K65PY0gramps/files/Stable/3.3.0/ GrampsAIO-{{version_windows_AIO32}}-12.exe]
|<!-- Note -->[ All In One GRAMPS including the dependencies for Windows] ([]) ('''Under Development''' by Josip / '''Please test on Windows and report back to the author.''') (2010-12-20)<br>This has everything needed to start Gramps with GeographyView and GraphView inside. This distribution is directory based, which means it loads all dependencies from the directory in which they start so if you want to use it from console/terminal (dos/cmd.exe prompt) you must first go to their directory as: cd C:\GrampsAIO\bin; python -EO ..\share\gramps\ .

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