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{{Third-party plugin}}[[CategoryFile:Plugins]][[Category:Developers/GeneralAttachSource-Tool-Options-dialog-addon-example-50.png|thumb|right|450px|Attach Source Tool - Options (defaults) - dialog]]The {{man label|Attach Source}} Tool allows you to add a new or existing sources to the entire database or selected set of filtered people.__TOC__==Usage==* Once this addon has been installed * Select Menu {{man menu|Tools > Family Tree Processing -> Attach Source...}}
The Attach Source Tool allows {{man warn|Undo history warning|Proceeding with this tool will erase the undo history for this session. In particular, you will not be able to add a new revert the changes made by this tool or existing Source any changes made prior to it. If you think you may want to a set of filtered peoplerevert running this tool, please stop here and backup your database.}}
Future plans:* From the '''Undo history warning''' dialog you can choose {{man button|Stop}} or {{man button|Proceed with the tool}}.
* Add a method The {{man label|Options}} tab is displayed with the following:**{{man label|Person Filter:}} '''Entire Database'''(default)**{{man label|Filter Person:}} defaults to select the Active Person.**{{man label|Source type:}} '''New source'''(default), or '''Existing source'''.**{{man label|New Source Title:}} Empty textbox by default, that you can type your source details into.**{{man label|Existing Source ID from :}} Empty textbox by default, that you can type in the number of an existing source. Once you have made your choices for the source to be attached you can either choose {{man button|Close}} or {{man button|Execute}} to apply the change. After the change has been made the {{man label|Results}} tab will become available where you can change and examine the final results. Once finished select {{man button|Close}}.{{-}} ==Issues==* Missing a popup Help button pointing to this page {{bug|???}}* Fixed "Results" tab that does not expand as dialogis maximized.{{bug|???}}* Selecting "Execute" a second time with no changes creates a duplicate source for "New Source" , probably should give a warning. {{bug|???}} ===Future plans===* Add attach source to multiple events using the AttachSourceTool {{bug|4257}}* Add sources to types of objects other than people (media, events, etc){{bug|???}}* Be able to reverse/undo a run or provide a dry run option that shows the results of what would be changed {{bug|???}}* Add a method to select the source ID from a popup dialog {{bug|???}} [[Category:Plugins]][[Category:Developers/General]][[Category:Tools]]

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