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going strong
If still interested, send me the ISO code of Swedish language, and I make Swedish appear on these page so you can start translating
== going strong ==
Hi Tosv,
you are going strong!
Some points:
* if you translate a page which was not translated before, add the language bar to the English page too. On the english page this is easy, just add <nowiki>{{languages}}</nowiki> at the bottom, or be more specific <nowiki>{{languages|english page name}}</nowiki>. The last is more easy for translators, as they normally should add that, not the first, to the translated page.
* users can select Swedish in the preferences. The entire wiki is then translated, but not the navigation bar. You need admin authorities to set those, so if you want that translated, send me swedish translation (keep it as short as the english if possible) of:
**Main page
**Blog site
**Family web pages
**Report bugs
* on making a new page, check the 'watch this page' option. Like that you can quickly see if somebody changed these pages.
* on the main page, you might consider adding a swedish specific entry, eg in the top welcome box, like: 'Help with swedish translation' (eg centered, using <nowiki><small></nowiki>), which links to a page where you explain swedish users how they can add original swedish content (add an english empty <nowiki>{{stub}}</nowiki>page (or talk to you asking with english translation of swedish name) starting with sv:) or how they can translate existing pages. So, a page where you try to find collaboration, a Swedish GRAMPS community.
Note further that some pages will extensively change in the near future, eg the [[Portal:Genealogy]] will change completely, once I have some more content up.

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