How do I add 'Cemeteries in Norway' entries as a source

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In Norway there is a site called Cemeteries in Norway, which lists most cemeteries with information about: Birth, death and burial. Some do even have a picture of the headstone attached. The search interface on the site let's you search the whole country, or to narrow it down by different counties and or municipalities.

This How do I... article is a suggestion to how to best document your usage of this site.

Adding Cemeteries in Norway as a Repository

Cemeteries in Norway - Gramps.png

You can add Cemeteries in Norway as a repository by adding the following information:


  • Name: Cemeteries in Norway
  • Type: Web site


I've also usually attach a note to the Repository registration.

See also the screen-shot on how this might be done

You will now end up with a Repository looking like this in GEDCOM

 0 @[email protected] REPO
   1 NAME Cemeteries in Norway
   1 NOTE @[email protected]

Adding a search result as a Source

I've now done a search for Last name that starts with Grav and First name starts with jul. I've now got a hit for Julius Gravås which is a relative of mine. I now click on the Correction link to get more information. And here is all the information I need:

I use Registrator as the Author, and the Om registreringen as the Publication information.

New Source - Gramps.png

When I'm done entering this information, the Source entry window will look like the screen-shot.

Repository Reference Editor - Gramps.png

When that's done and dusted, we need to add the Repository reference. I've usually set Media Type to Electronic and used the URL to the entry as the Call number.

If I find a picture of the head stone, I add that as part of the source's gallery. Adding an image should requires a source so you should add yourself as a source.

You will now end up with a source looking like this in GEDCOM

 0 @[email protected] SOUR
   1 TITL Gravminne - Julius Gravaas
   1 AUTH Kirkevergen i Leksvik
   1 PUBL Kirkevergens database
   1 OBJE
     2 FORM jpeg
     2 TITL Gravminne - Julius Gravås
     2 FILE /home/seberget/Pictures/Gravminner i Norge/Gravminne - Julius Gravås.jpg
   1 REPO @[email protected]
     2 CALN
       3 MEDI Electronic
   1 CHAN
     2 DATE 1 AUG 2010
       3 TIME 15:24:40

Using the Source on a piece of information

Source Reference Editor - Gramps.png

Next step is to attach your source, and I do the following in the 'Source Reference Editor':


  • Date: Here I use the Registrering ferdig (Registration done) as the date. In this case it would be 2007-03-00
  • Volume/Page: Does not apply
  • Confidence: Very high, as this is the definitive source for this information.


  • I usually attach a note saying what I used this source for.

Now you should have a complete entry for a Cemeteries in Norway source.

You will now end up with a source link looking like this in GEDCOM for a BIRTH event.

   2 DATE 6 MAR 1875
   2 SOUR @[email protected]
     3 QUAY 3
     3 DATA
       4 DATE MAR 2007
     3 NOTE @[email protected]

It is possible to enter this information in an other order if you like, I've chosen the one that was easiest to explain.