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This section gives an overview of changes since the Gramps 5.1 version. This is an 'enhancement' release. So changes include new features as well as bug fixes. These changes are also detailed later in this manual. Users of Gramps upgrading from earlier versions are encouraged to review this section in older user manuals to be sure to take advantage of these new features when they start using version 5.2. Search for the lightning bolt of the "— ⚡new for version 5.2.0" tagged sections.

Preliminary change list

Since Gramps documentation is created be volunteers, user documentation is published incrementally after the the release goes public. (For selected key items, the documentation will be marked with "— ⚡new for version 5.2.0" to make searching easier.) The WikiContributors write not only from their experience exploring the features, but also by looking a development objectives, feature requests, status reports and Pull Request notes. If you are an explorer too, the announcements below are partially linked to those reference documents. Explore freely and share your experience to help guide others.

The Gramps Wiki documentation is a community project. If you notice that documentation is: outdated, incomplete, entirely missing, or not yet translated into your native language; request a WikiContributor account and help us improve!

From the Announcements section of the Gramps community support Discourse forum:

Before you upgrade

Prevent Data Loss During Upgrades

Creating an archive before upgrading might not be sufficient to safeguard your data.

In the unlikely event that Gramps 5.2 corrupts your database, it could also corrupt the archive. making a backup of your data as outlined in this section is recommended.

Before you upgrade, make sure your family tree data is secure. The best way to do this is:

  1. Start your existing version of Gramps (Gramps 4.2 or Gramps 5.0 or Gramps 5.1)
  2. Open your family tree
  3. Back up the family tree to the gramps xml format or the gramps xml package format (the gramps xml package includes your photographs and other media files associated with your family tree data). Backup your tree via menu Family Trees -> Make Backup....
  4. Close this family tree and repeat the above steps for any other family trees you have
  5. Keep the resulting file(s) in a safe place

For more information, please review Backing up a Family Tree. Note what will not be included during a backup.

After properly safeguarding your data, proceed to install Gramps 5.2 using your operating system's regular installation process. In most cases, this will ensure that the new Gramps 5.2 installation will not clash with your older version of Gramps. However, it may be safer to uninstall Gramps 3.4 before installing Gramps 5.2, or make sure you install Gramps 5.2 in a different location. This is always necessary if you are installing from the source code. For more information on installing Gramps 5.2, please see Downloading the latest Gramps

After you install Gramps 5.2, you can open your existing family trees and continue working. In case of problems (e.g., after a complete system upgrade), import the backup file(s) created above to recreate your family tree(s).


Once you open a family tree in a newer version of Gramps or using a newer operating system, you generally should not try to open that database using an older version again. As always, the gramps xml format is the format to use for the interchange of your data in such cases. There are tools to repair broken databases, but they are for expert users, so avoid needing them by following the steps above before you upgrade your OS or Gramps.

Further information



  • Update translations:



  • See items related to Gramps 5.2 on the Gramps issue tracker.
  • See additional information see the changelogs for the maintenance releases of Gramps:

What Was Once New

The Previous Release page includes links to bullet lists of changes in major releases and maintenance releases over the years.

However, the What's New? pages in the superseded version of the wiki manual for each major releases can provide greater detail:

A compact overview of enhancements was first added to the manual in 2010. For the first 3 years of the wiki, it was necessary to review the entire manual.

  • Version 5.1 - downloadable manual
English 20MiB PDF
Nederlands 16 MiB PDF
русский 16 MiB PDF
עברית Hebrew 24 MiB PDF

We do not list every single bug fix or smaller improvement on this page. To get a more complete list of changes, you should look at the commit history for each release.

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