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Fig. 3.1 Example of a Gramps Huvudfönster

Delar av Gramps Huvudfönster


När du öppnar en släktträdsdatabas (antingen en befintlig eller en ny), så visas Gramps Huvudfönster (Fig. 3.2):

Gramps Huvudfönster innehåller följande delar:

Search Bar (Present only if Sidebar is not displayed.)(Not shown on Dashboard)
Navigator Visningsfält Sidopanel
(Not shown on Dashboard)
Bottenpanel (Not shown on Dashboard)
Statusrad och Förloppsrad
Fig. 3.2 Textual representation of Gramps interface


  • Titelraden visar namnet på aktuellt Släktträd, Gramps applikationsnamn och knappar för att minimera, maximera och stänga Gramps. Genom att klicka på Titelraden kan även fönstret flyttas runt på skärmen.


  • Menubar: The menubar (Main Menu) is located at the very top of the window (right below the window title) and provides access to all the features of Gramps.
Visibility of elements

With View you can hide or unhide several elements of Main Window.


  • Toolbar: The toolbar is located right below the menubar. It gives you access to the most frequently used functions of Gramps.

The Toolbar can be hidden or revealed by the option in menu View ->Toolbar.


  • Navigator: The navigator is located at the left of the window and allows selection of the different categories. See Categories of the Navigator

The Navigator can be hidden or revealed by the options in menu View ->Navigator or the keybinding CTRL+M.


  • Display area: The area in the center of the Gramps window is the display area. What it displays depends on the currently selected View. We will discuss Views in detail below.

Statusrad och Förloppsrad

  • Status Bar and Progress Bar: These are located at the very bottom of the Gramps window.
    • The Progress Bar is located in the lower left corner of the Gramps window. It displays the progress of time consuming operations, such as opening and saving large Family Tree databases, importing and exporting to other formats, generating web sites, etc. When you are not doing these types of operations, the Progress Bar is not shown.
    • The Status Bar is located to the right of the Progress Bar. It displays information about current Gramps activity and contextual information about the selected items.

Bottenpanel och Sidopanel

  • Bottombar: The bottombar is located below the display area.
  • Sidebar: The sidebar is located to the right of the display area.

The Bottombar and the Sidebar allow Gramplets and filters to be displayed alongside a view.

Search Bar


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