Development using Eclipse and Pydev

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A JRE (Java Runtime Environment) has to be installed.

To use Eclipse you'll need two folders.

  1. A folder where you install Eclipse. E.g., ~/devel/eclipse_installs/
  2. A folder that will be the workspace. E.g., ~/devel/eclipse_workspaces/gramps

Download an Eclipse package from Unzip the file into ~/devel/eclipse_installs/ and run the eclipse binary in ~/devel/eclipse_installs/eclipse when asked for a workspace, enter ~/devel/eclipse_workspaces/gramps

Installing Pydev and Pylint

Get pydev from the pydev download site.

Follow the installation tutorial

On Ubuntu, the python interpreter can be found at /usr/bin/python

sudo apt-get install pylint

Go to: window > preferences > pydev > pylint tick [ ] Use pylint and enter /usr/bin/pylint as the pylint path.

Installing EGit

Follow the download instructions to install the EGit plugin.

Open the Git perspective and add a repository.

  • Sourceforge( no longer used):
    • ssh://<username>

Select Checkout project using new project wizard. Select pydev project wizard.

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