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No longer available

Merged into Gramps 3.1+ as the Graphical Descendant_Tree Report

Sample Descend chart

A double graphical descendant report showing (when given a center family):

  • This report was run off of the example data within Gramps.
    • Report for: Smith: Gustaf, Sr (I07)
    • Filter for: Smith: Gustaf, Sr (I07) and Hansdotter, Anna (F06)
    • Start with the parent(s) of the selected first
  • The best way to understand this report is with the picture. But here is a description:
  1. This is a descendant report. But you can think of two descendant reports with a combined (center) family
    1. Arrows point to the center family's father Gustaf (on top) and mother Anna (below).
  2. Mom's family is unknown at this time
    1. This report shows that Gustaf and Anna's son, Hans has been married twice.

Starting the report

Once installed, You will find the plugin under 'Reports -> Graphical Report -> Descend] Tree'

Paper Options

The standard 'Paper Options' apply.


For this report there is one more style option; Title. The report title can be sized individually and defaults to seven sizes larger than the standard font size. If there are lots of children under the center family, you may need to make a new style with a smaller font size so the report title isn't too long.


You can define the basic style of the report here.

Report Tab

Report for
You can select the main person for the report.
Filter for
Here you can tell the report to run off of a family instead of an individual.
Start with the parent(s) of the selected first
Instead of starting with the selected individual or family, start with their parents.
note that this will show brothers and sisters of the selected person or parents of the family.
the parents of mom and dad (grandparents) will always be shown
1 - Show the parents and siblings of the grandparents only (aunts and uncles)
2 - (default) Show children of the above. Cousins will be shown with this option
3 - Children of the above (Grandchildren of the parents)
Level of spouses
0 - Do not show any spouses of direct children
1 - show spouses of the above
2 - show spouses of the above (spouses of spouses)

There are four basic reports that can be run: Numbers on the report correspond to the numbers listed below.
All four report types

without the the 'Start with the parent(s) of the selected first' option
1. Given a person, this report will display a descendant report for that person
2. Given a center family, This report will display a descendant report for that family
with the the 'Start with the parent(s) of the selected first' option
3. Given a person, you will print a descendant report of the selected persons parents
Of course this will print all brothers and sisters of the selected person (2 in the example).
4. Given a center family, you can choose to start with the parents of the selected family parents
the top half of the report will show a descendant report of the fathers parents.
The bottom half will show a descendant report of the mothers parents (unknown in this example).
The center family will be the junction of the two descendant reports.


Personal Tab

Personal Display Format
How direct descendants (not spouses) will be displayed.
Bold direct descendants
Whether direct descendants of the individual or family or parents of parents (grandparents) will be bolded.
This does not include half or step children
Compress Personal ans Spousal Display Formats
If a line is blank because the information is not available, do not print that line.
this also works for the Spousal Display Format (below)
example, if a line show 'd. $d $D', this line will not be printed if the person is still alive or no information is given for death.


Use seperate display format for spouses
If you wish for the spouses to have a different display, (ie, add marriage information), do this here.
Spousal Display Format
How spouses will be displayed.
Indent Spouses
if selected, spouses will be indented a little from their spouses. Spouses of Spouses will be indented a little bit further, etc.


Include Marriage information
If you wish for marriage infomation to be displayed in a seperate box, do this here.
Marriage Display Format
like the Personal Display Format, how do you wish to format Marriage information for the parents of a family.


make a line for each replacements that you wish to make like replace this/with this This is useful for very long entries. An example birth place would be 'room 2, maternity ward, some hospital, this county, that state, United States of America' Also abbreviating countries and other things helps, cut down the width of a report. This is very useful so scaling the report and excessive white space can be cut down.


Scale report to fit
Do not scale report. This option works great with the 'One Page Report' option.
Scale report to fit page width only. This option works great for Kinko's 36" wide roll printer (also select the 'One Page Report' option). Also use this option to make 1Xn page reports.
Scale report to fit the size of the page. With this option the 'One Page Report' option is useles.
One page report
Scale up or down the size of the page (whether verticaly or both vertically and horizontally) to fit the natural size of the report. Note that this WILL most likely make irregular page sizes. Great for Emailing to relatives and Kinkos can size to print too.
Include Report Title
Will display the names of the uppermost parents.
Grandparents will be displayed if known/shown. Otherwise the parents will be printed.
Print a border
Prints a border around the report if wanted.
Print Page Numbers
Page numbers will be printed on the lower right hand corner of the report.
Include Blank Pages
on multiple page reports, if nothing is on a page, specify to print the page anyway.
Compress Tree
With this option, the tree will NOT be expanded as much as normal. Giving a little bit smaller (in length) report.


Now we are able to add a personalized note to the report. Yeah.

Advanced thoughts

Know the page size you want to print to first.
This is actually very important. There are lots of different things you can do.
If you are printing at home you know what you can print on. If you are printing somewhere else (I use Kinkos a bit), know what they can print on (and how much). example, my Kinkos has a 36 inch wide printer. The paper is on a roll so height is not an issue. So if the report is too long, use the replace option to get it down. then use the scale to width and one page option.
Also don't rule out Landscape. I've made quite a few legal paper reports that were landscape, and fitted to width. Makes an easy report to put together, either taped or bound one page after the other.
Make a new style
A new style will allow you to play with the report title. Changing the font size will change the width and height. No duh. But if there are LOTS of kids the title can be much wider than the report and that creates a problem. In this case you can scale down the title font size to make the two widths match up better. Also if there is only one or two children, you may want a larger title (if you have the height to do so)
Generations / Indent Spouses / Replace
This is more than likely the width of your report. Using replace option correctly can give a better report and maybe room to get in another generation
Marriage info Vs. Seperate Spousal Display
If you like the Marriage display box, but your report is still too long, think about moving that infomration into the Spousal Display.
Compress Personal Display
Do you want every line printed all of the time so people can write on it? Or remove blank lines to really shrink up the height of a report.
Replace text
The size of all of the columns is set to the longest line. Really it is the widest as length does not stipulate width (the letter 'i' is much shorter than the letter 'W"). So changing/abbreviating the widest line will shrink ALL of the columns.
Scale report to fit page width only
When using this option, first check the natural size of the report (one page report with no scaling). If the width of the report is wider than the page width, look into using the replace option first. This will get the natural report width closer to the width of the page that you want to print on, and as such, the font size used will not decrease as much. Thus the readability will increase.

Download / Install

You can download Version 1.0 of this software for Gramps 3.0.x: You find it here

There is NOT a working version for Gramps 2.2.5+. If you modify this report to work here, plese let me know.

Open the file in whatever zip archival program that you use (sorry, my website does not allow the .py extension). There will be ONLY one file in this zip called 'Descend].py' and save it into:

linux: local install: place in ~/.gramps/plugins

!AND! restart GRAMPS (alternatively you can reload all plugins by selecting 'Tools > Debug > Reload Plugins').

New future features

I have asked for comments, criticism, and the kitchen sink. Well everyone has thrown it at me...  :) I am going to move this section into a new page.

Author / Terms

As per the end of

   translated_name = _("Descend] Tree"),
   status = _("Stable"),
   author_name = "Craig J. Anderson",
   author_email = "[email protected]",
   description = _("Produces a graphical descendant tree"),

This is a report. It does NOT write. It is read only. But it still reads YOUR data. So: DO NOT TEST NEW PLUGINS WITH YOUR RESEARCH DATA. EXPORT DATA FIRST TO HAVE A BACKUP, THEN RUN THE TOOL

But I do wish to have this report incorporated as a standard graphical report. I am still not responsible for any loss/damage when using this report. If any happens, tell me. There is no way it can happen (other than power outage, power spike, etc) and I'd like to know. Still not responsible though.  :)

As per the top of

# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.

I used this only because (which this was based) used it.

Please contact me at the above with any comments, questions, testing, criticism, opinions, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm an equal opportunity ignorer (kidding).

Comments / Thanks

I have already used this report for many upon many family members. And I love this report a LOT and super anxious to share it with the world. And I am also in the process of looking for code improvements, clean up, etc. I would like to release this report to you all for testing, criticism, opinions, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I would like to thank: (as shown in

# Copyright (C) 2000-2007  Donald N. Allingham
# Copyright (C) 2007-2008  Brian G. Matherly

and everyone else that had a hand in this code for their wonderful work. This report is 80% new code but is/was STRONGLY based on their code. And I still use this code for reference.