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Sample output from the Todo Report Addon.

The Todo Report prints any note attached to person, family, place, etc... with a specific tag. Originally, this was pre-set to find Notes with the ToDo tag. It has since evolved to allow any tag to be selected.

While there are Todo lists built into Gramps based not Notes of the To Do type, this report was designed around the idea that you could attached a note to a person, family, place, etc. with the details of the task and mark/tag it Todo. That would also save time from having to duplicate information to identify the record you were working on.

While the existing builtin Tag report already does list any notes marked/tagged ToDo, this report allows you to sort by the referenced person, place, etc., or group them. Also the person's information is printed next to the note so you don't lose track of the subject.

This report also supports any custom tags you might have created.


Todo Report Addon - dialog.

Once installed, you can access this report via menu Reports > Text Reports > Todo Report...

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