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Prerequisites Checker Gramplet undocked from the Dashboard

The Prerequisites Checker Gramplet is a diagnostic tool to help work out if instances of Gramps have the required prerequisites installed as well as the latest version of core software.

Also helps in OS's like Windows (Microsoft) and macOS (Apple) where it is less common for users to start programs via the command line interface. The gramplet is a GUI alternative to getting information on Gramps via ( gramps -v )!


context menu to add Prerequisites Checker Gramplet to Dashboard
  • Load your Family Tree and then select an empty area on the Dashboard and from the Add a gramplet menu select Prerequisites Checker Gramplet.

You may use the context menu (right click) and Select All to copy the text to be added to a bug report if requested by a developer.

Once you have finished with the Prerequisites Checker Gramplet, remove it from the Dashboard. Otherwise, it slows down Gramps by refreshing every time you change views!


None. This gramplet tests for the presence of them.


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