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The InformationGraph plugin only works with Gramps 3.2
For a similar report see the: Addon:PersonEverything Report


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InformationGraph is a report plugin to generate detailed Graphviz graphs of a database. It is intended to allow effectively dumping of a database or select parts of the database, onto dead wood (paper).


Download and Manually install the Addon:


  • Dump as much information as possible for each person and event into the node:
    • Date and place of birth
    • Date and cause of death
    • All other events (Residences, Graduations, etc)
    • Occupations
    • Notes
    • Date and place of marriage
    • Possibly references to sources of information
  • Changing the date stringification to print a more human-friendly date. Eg, "16th December, 1842"; "June quarter, 1912"; "about 1875"
  • Include edges for non-primary event participants, eg, Witness, Minister, etc.
  • Add labels for non-standard child relationship edges, or modify style in some way to indicate different types, eg, Adopted, Step child, etc.
  • Use a method similar to the FamilyLines plugin to specify a list of people to start spidering over the database from. Also include a list of people not to spider beyond. This will allow dumps of one side of a family tree.

Features to be implemented

  • Include a legend for edge and node types
  • Have the ability to store profiles of spider settings. Eg, "Mum's family", "Dad's family", "Everyone".

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