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This is a guide only.

Because of the nature of a volunteer-driven project, it isn't possible to say with any certainty what will happen in the next release.

This page collects possibilities for the 5.2 version of Gramps


1 Jul 2023 Agree final roadmap (this document).
1 Jul 2023 All major features should be merged into master.
10 Jul 2023 Feature freeze.
17 Jul 2023 String freeze.
31 Jul 2023 Beta release.

Policy changes

Project governance

At present, we use a benevolent dictator model. The BD defines the project's strategic direction and has the final say in decisions.

Minimum requirements

Previously we supported all Python and Gtk versions that were commonly found on operating systems most likely to be used by our users. In practice this meant supporting the versions used by the oldest supported Ubuntu LTS release.

The new policy is to support all Python and Gtk versions that have not reached end-of-life on the Gramps release date.

For details see the discussion in the Gramps 5.2 Minimum Python Requirement thread on the mailing list.

Dependency upgrades

  • Python 3.8.x (3.7.x reached end of life status on 2023-06-27.)
  • Gtk 3.24.x (3.23.x has not received any updates since 2018-08-29.)

Database model changes

Are there features that require database change? This should happen in the beginning of the development cycle. List your requirements here.

Major goals

This section lists main goals developers want to achieve. Major goals should be started in a GEPS branch. Major goals require a developer and a reviewer.

Minor goals

This section lists minor goals developers want to achieve. Minor goals can be done by one developer alone.

Rejected Changes

Previous Roadmaps